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Healthily and permanently lose weight.

I am no doctor or dietician and have absolutely no tie with the medical world. What I write here is absolutely no form a medical recommendation or whatever.

Healty losing weight

Healthy losing weight? Yes indeed you can lose weight also unhealthily: -) Myself has gone of 104 kilograms to 84kg (from 208 lb to 168lb) in 5 months without a real diet. And by working at this slower tempo it is also with a permanent result. (And you give your skin also the time to adjust.) Simply some adaptations in my feeding – and living habits.

Dieting is the practice of eating food in a regulated fashion to achieve a particular objective. In many cases, the goal is to lose weight or to maintain stable body weight. Some athletes aspire to gain weight, usually in the form of muscle.

Read the new page: What you should know before you begin. Click here for more information on how to lose weight.

How to eat more to lose weight and burn fat?

A fat ass or being fat is not only ugly, it is also unhealthy.
The problem with most diets is that they are too drastic and don’t burn fat.
By eating less, you put your body in an alarm phase.
OK, the first few weeks you will lose weight very fast. But this is mostly water. Your body will think. Ooh, I get only like 1000 calories per day, so I need to survive with this.
And eventually, your body lowers his metabolism to be able to survive with only 1000 calories.
And than it stops losing weight. Read more on eat more to lose weight and burn fat.

How to lose weight without effort? About: Here you will find tips on slimming without suffering from hunger. No complex diet that you cannot sustain. But a few adjustments to our dietary habits.

Dieting is not only about food. Also, you should get into action: Start walking for example. This is also good for you emotional well being.

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