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Seo for beginners als wordpress : 
SEO meaning and easy to apply to make your site better.

SEO simple – About: What is the meaning of SEO, and what is the simple way to apply SEO. So also simple for beginners. (and advanced 😀) Both general and specific seo tips for wordpress users.

What is the meaning of SEO

SEO meaning: Search Engine Optimization. But we don’t know anything about that yet 🙂. The goal of most people who create a website is that visitors actually come to that website. And that is possible in several ways. You can advertise your website. But that costs money. You can also use word of mouth advertising through your friends and through social networks. Or you can hope that people will find your website via Google, for example.

How to use SEO easily.

The main purpose of SEO is that Google (or bing, etc.) first find your site. You shouldn’t bother with that. But the problem is that there are millions of websites. So why should Google put your site first?

A Google bot (software program with AI ) does read your web pages and then tries to put them in a catalog. This is then read based on the search query that a user enters on the Google page. And Google then gives a list, in order of relevance.

Most simple SEO that you can implement yourself quickly.

What you need to do is help Google know what your page is about.

SEO The title.

The most important thing is the title of your article. Make sure it contains keywords that people search for.

That title must of course be relevant. Google sees whether an article is actually about that topic. (AI) Because you could use hot keywords, for example, just to lure people to your site, but your site is all about something else. That may work for a while, but it is quickly discarded for Google. And then you see your SEO position deteriorate quickly. (Your page may even disappear completely from the search results !!!)

Write about what? SEO tools

If you are without inspiration, there is a good tool at Google that you can use to find out what people are looking for on the internet. You can also experiment on the use of words there. For example you write an article about diets . But do people want to lose weight? Or do people want to get slimmer? That seems the same, but if you use the word slimming in your articles. And people are looking for weight lose. Then someone else’s page that does use that word will score higher in the search results.

And so you can work it out with that google trends search tool .

Another simple SEO tool – linking titles

If you have links in your articles, Google will also follow them so that they can also be included in its index. A mistake that many people make is that that link has no meaningful meaning. For example CLICK HERE. That may be applicable within your article. But no one is google-ing on ‘click here’ 😉

But there is a solution for that to help Google read that link (know what it is about). And therefore also good for your ranking within Google.

Add the title element to a link in html

I give here the CLICK HERE problem and the solution as an example.

If you move your mouse over the click-here (without clicking !!!) you will see a text balloon with more information appear. And that information is also read by Google, making it clear what it is about.

Seo tip wordpress. Now how do you do this in wordpress?

After you have made a link. Click on the paragraph that contains that link. Click on the top right in the frame that you get on the 3 dots above each other. In that menu, click on edit as HTML.

You will recognize your link there. This starts with

<a href="here is the url stuff">Click here</a>

Now put between <a and href, your title element

So for example:

<a title="relevant information" href="the URL">click here</a>

SEO simple: Images

The same is also true for images. For Google, an image is simply colored dots. 😎 So also give your images a useful meaning via this title element. That is easy in wordpress. Just click on an image and on the right at the attributes you can enter the alt-text value there.

If you apply all these simple rules, you will see that you will score better. (it may take a while, because your pages need to be refreshed within the index)

More seo tips in this video:

Wes McDowell about SEO

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    Maar oke, je liet een reactie bij me achter en dan kom ik natuurlijk even kijken. Dat SEO is voor mij niet belangrijk ik wordt genoeg gevonden omdat ik vrij hechte leeskring heb ondertussen. Maar leuk om er even over te lezen omdat één van de kleinkinderen dat werk ongeveer doet….denk ik…. .Maar je site is echt te moeilijk voor een vrouw uit het jaar kruikje;-)

    • Ja danku voor je reactie. Mijn site is ook niet bedoeld om vaste lezers te hebben en te chat-ten 🙂 Maar is bedoeld als informatiebron als mensen iets opzoeken via bvb Google. En in dat geval is SEO dus wel van belang. Ik schrijf zelf dus geen levens verhalen of ervaringen, maar eerder handleidingen op eender welk gebied dat mensen info zoeken. 🙂