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Stop the lockdown: Corona lockdown docus and t-shirt stop the lockdown (only 11.95usd). It is time for people to wake up. If you look at the real numbers you will realize that there is more going on here. There is more hidden behind this whole corona cinema. Wake up. And stop the lockdown. Proudly wear the stop the lockdown t-shirt. (anti lockdown shirt) No more lockdown or do you want it to be here like in China? So no more lockdown !!!

IN DUTCH (Nederlands : stop the lockdown)

On these pages you will find some awareness-raising documents. If you don’t want to see this, and continue to play sheep: Google sleep

If you think this whole corona cinema is nonsense. Then buy a T-shirt and show the world that you don’t agree. These measures violate all your human rights !!!

Corona Stop the lockdown.
Proudly wear the stop the lockdown t-shirt ; price: 11.95€ usa price 11.95 USD. anti lockdown shirt - No more lockdown
Stop the lockdown t shirt: Price: 11.95€

In the infonosity webshop you can also find other articles to help maintain this site (to cover the costs). But the stop the lockdown t-shirts (anti lockdown shirt) are sold at a discounted price (t-shirt 11.95$) to give as many people as possible the opportunity to support the charity.

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In this article: Live health data , you can see, for example, how many deaths are actually in the world. LIVE updated. But also births and other data.

PS: Did you know that more than 12 million legalized murders have already happened this year? (= abortion) (apparently there are enough hospital beds for that !!!).

350,000 suicides,

2.6 million cancer deaths,

4,200,000 million people died of infectious diseases !!!

and so on.

ALSO: Which stocks are good in Corona times?

And: LIVE health data (English) See how many people die – live

lockdown docus covid-19 and 5G

Covid-19 Corona: Real Doctors speaking.

People Are Brainwashed by The Big Pharma” – Judy Mikovits Leave You Speechless. I went to jail for telling the truth:

Preparing for a future with A.I.. And Why social distancing is needed:

Corona or AI

I think you should be afraid of AI rather than corona. They want this all over the world, such as in China. Everyone traceable. 1 intelligent street camera per 2 inhabitants. (it takes 5G to make that work smoothly) (5G doesn’t serve to download a movie faster, does it)

Green energy is blacker than petroleum !!!

Global warming. Yes, logically, we are still dating from the last ice age. Worse is the over consumption. And green energy is also telling people something. You also need coal to make solar panels.

Al Gore is not a saint either. (he supports the project of deforestation to build green ethanol plantations. (people have to die for that !!!)

You wish you had seen this BEFORE using your social media:


Stop the lockdown corona

And then some humor to finish with: (cheap indoor sports) 🙂

In 1978 they already knew 🙂

The Matrix of Today: Influences and References Explained – Social Media.

How does The Matrix relate to the modern times? Are we actually living in the Matrix today? Let’s dig into all the profound questions the movie asks and the philosophies that influenced the classic, and try to understand how the movie managed to warn us of the future we’re currently in.

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