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how to quit smoking tips: withdrawal symptoms, aids, quitting smoking hypnosis, quitting smoking without thickening,… a mini course with all the info to finally quit.

article: how to quit smoking tips to stop smoking: withdrawal symptoms, aids, quitting smoking hypnosis, quitting smoking without thickening,… a mini course with all the info to finally quit. Jump to: how to quit smoking tips (further on this page) How to improve my health and wellness! (And save a lot of money fast!)

how to quit smoking -forbidden to smoke - how to quit smoking tips - how to quit smoking now!!!
How to Quit smoking NOW – not tomorrow!

Why quit smoking?

The question is not just how, but why do people stop smoking. Besides the fact that it is a lot healthier life, there are other reasons not to smoke.
The state robs smokers more than non-smokers. Of the 5.30 euros that you pay today, about 4.30 euros goes to the state. So you are discriminated against as a smoker.
Although according to the constitution discrimination is not allowed.
Apparently the state is allowed to do this itself. 🙂

Smoking costs money

Smokers are also increasingly bullied by the state. For example, as a thank you for the money they earn from smokers, smokers in Belgium are no longer allowed to smoke at bars and restaurants.

So it is time that we do something about this. No more smoking is the solution. If everyone quits smoking tomorrow. The state is going to lose a lot of money. We are talking about billions. (And also think how much money you have left over at the end of the month!)
And ok they will invent a different tax. The money from the bag fillers must come from somewhere. But this is then fairly distributed among the entire population.

how to quit smoking – quit smoking 10 tips:

  1. If you want to quit, write down for yourself what your advantages and disadvantages are. And then see which of the two weighs the most.
  2. If smoking offers more benefits than quitting. Then see if you can not find an alternative means for smoking. Ex You do not want to quit smoking because smoking makes you calm. That may well be true, but find an alternative. Then use, for example, a cup of soothing tea.
  3. For example, if it is customary to light a cigarette immediately after eating. From now on, immediately start to clear the table afterwards and do the dishes.
  4. Tell your friends that you have quit smoking. That way you also feel obliged to actually stop. (Otherwise you LIE)
  5. Once you have decided not to smoke anymore, throw away everything in your house and in your smoking car.
  6. Start to stop smoking on a Saturday evening. For example, on Sundays it is much more difficult to buy cigarettes somewhere, since most shops are closed.
  7. Reward yourself. Set aside the money you save by quitting smoking. And use this to buy something nice.
  8. If you not only manage to quit smoking without help, there are also courses that you can do with other people in a group.
  9. Or via your doctor you can also obtain medicines that can help you quit. (with smoking). (or looking for healthy alternatives.)
  10. provide distraction and go for a walk in nature instead of sitting in front of your TV

Tips: see Start to walk (health benefits and info)

Quit smoking – Withdrawal symptoms.

If you stop smoking from day to day, you may experience withdrawal symptoms. Especially after 1 day. The most difficult are the first 3 days. It is especially at the usual times that you get it difficult. For example, you have a habit of lighting a cigarette immediately after you get out of the car. Or smoke a cigarette with your first cup of coffee in the morning. It is usually a matter of changing your mind.

I was also a chain smoker. +50 cigarettes per day. But if, for example, I was in the classroom (where you are of course not allowed to smoke). Then I didn’t even think about smoking because I was thinking with my mind. See also the tips above in this article about quitting smoking.

tips: smoking cessation aids

smoking cessation aids.
smoking cessation aid

If you want to slow down, nicotine medications are NOT a good idea. Because then you maintain your nicotine addiction. What I used for example. Is Cipurette – micro pipes. These are plastic filters that you slide on your cigarette. And that stop a lot of the tar. You smoke a bit healthier anyway. But the main goal is to make you aware of what would have entered your lungs otherwise. That is also a good incentive to quit smoking. You use 1 filter for about 10 cigarettes. In the beginning it is completely translucent. But after ten cigarettes, it is pitch black from the filtered nicotine. You can buy it at the pharmacy. (The name may have been changed, or from a different brand. But the pharmacy will know what you mean, and may also advise you to help you quit smoking.

quit smoking hypnosis

One of the aids in quitting smoking. Is to do this together with hypnosis therapy.

Quit smoking without thickening.

It is a myth that you thicken by quitting smoking. This is often used as an excuse for not stopping. If you thicken by quitting smoking, this is simply because your quality of life improves. Your food tastes better again. And your sense of smell also gets better again. But that does not mean that you should therefore actually eat (or snack) more.

Sometimes it can be difficult to quit smoking in the beginning. Because you don’t know what to do with your hands. And have the bad habit of putting things in your mouth. But you can fix this with a healthy alternative.

How to quit smoking – tool: liquorice.

This is also a good tool to quit smoking, because you still have that action. The tip is liquorice. You cut this into pieces slightly larger than a cigarette. And you can chew on that. (licorice is the taste of licorice) Licorice also contains certain substances that reduce the urge for a cigarette.

By no longer smoking you save up to several thousands of € / USD per year.

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