smoking smokers coronavirus – How to quit smoking?

How to quit smoking?: smoking smokers coronavirus: Smoking versus Corona.  Another reason to quit smoking !!!

Smoking smokers Coronavirus: How to quit smoking? : Looking for another reason to quit smoking? Then look at the number of Corona deaths versus the number of smokers who die. How to improve my health and wellness!

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By smoking, the quality of your lye’s is in any case worse than that of a non-smoker. This also makes you more susceptible to respiratory infections. (So ​​also those caused by corona.)

Smokers versus Coronavirus: the numbers.

Smoking smokers Coronavirus: ( annual figures )

Number of covid-19 (Corona) 0.1 million deaths out of 7.8 billion people = 0.0012% That’s very bad. But nothing compared to the smokers !!! ( source ) (figures highly overestimated because they do not count the pure corona deaths. Someone with lung cancer who dies, they just count. Even suspected cases !!!) Behind this WHO cinema is more hidden (money and control)

Number of smokers died> 4 million out of 7.8 billion people = 0.05%

MORE THAN 40 TIMES more deaths from smoking than from Corona !!! But for those smokers they don’t do LockDown ???

For Corona, you have to be careful. Because this is invisibly small, and can come from anywhere. But cigarettes are not invisible. And the fact that you put it in your mouth. And inhaling the harmful smoke. You are in control. (No one forces you to smoke or vape, or sometimes 😎

Smokers apologies for quitting.

You often hear it said. If you stop smoking you will thicken. Or sometimes I even hear the question of people who want to start smoking to lose weight !!! That is totally crazy.

There is something about it. However, the conclusion is for the wrong reason. If you stop smoking, you will be healthier again. And you will smell better again. And will also make your food taste better. But you get fatter, by eating more and not by quitting smoking!

So you feel more like eating. But that should not be an excuse to start snacking more 🙂

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