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Shooter Corona Game in C-sharp – game tutorial.

Game Tutorial: Corona shooter game in C-sharp (C #): You can play it here (free download) but also find the source code to program the game itself. Just by using other drawings, you can make another game. For example, a 2D space shooter.

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krach boursier en 2020

À propos: Le krach boursier de 2020. Le krach boursier de 2020 est-il inévitable? Et à quel point ce sera mauvais? Quels sont les indicateurs? L’analyse technique et les faits (cachés) qui se sont produits au cours de la dernière année. Quel rôle jouent les grandes banques?

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How to lose weight without effort?

How to lose weight without effort? About: Here you will find tips on slimming without suffering from hunger. No complex diet that you cannot sustain. But a few adjustments to our dietary habits.

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loan simulation

Here you can do a loan simulation yourself. That way you know quickly how much you have to pay off each month. I use the formula for a fixed monthly amount. You can borrow even cheaper if you opt for a fixed capital repayment.

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stock market crash 2020

About: The stock market crash of 2020. Is the stock market crash of 2020 inevitable? And how bad will it be? What are the indicators? Both technical analysis and (hidden) facts that happened in the past year. What role do the big banks play? Last edit 2020-01-03 YMD

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