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chrome Software reporter tool

About: The Google Chrome – Software reporter tool. What is it? Problem with high CPU usage. And how can we solve this? Do you sometimes have the feeling that an airplane lands in your laptop? Because your CPU is running at full speed? Well, if you’re using some heavy program (or game) that’s normal. Chrome software reporter tool? What is

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electronics – index

Electronics – index page. Here you will find all kinds of DIY electronic projects and tools like for example a LED ballast resistor calculator… Hobby electronics, music, tutorials,…. electronics calculators How to calculate the series resistor for a LED? This LED calculator returns the exact resistor, but will also give you the first higher existing ballast resistor in the E12

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Calculate the series resistor LED. (And the E12 color code.)

Here you can easily calculate the series resistor for a LED. Also for more LED’s in series. And this LED calculator automatically searches for the correct resistor in the E12 series.

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