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Online games free :

Here you will find more info about online games you can play for free via the internet. Or download free games for your PC or other device.

Or if you are creative you can learn to program your own games.

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  1. Computer games – nostalgia
  2. online computer games
  3. computer games in browser
  4. Games download
  5. computer games via server
  6. online games via the cloud
  7. which server should I use
  8. Programming Games Yourselves
    1. Free Flappy Bird Clone in c#
    2. Free Corona Shooter Game in c#
    3. Free BasketBall Game in Just Basic (the most simple programming langue)

Computer games – Nostalgia

You used to have the game consoles with the games built into the ROM memory of the handheld consoles. So you had to buy a different console for each game. (Example Donky Kong™) Later, reusable consoles where the ROM chip was replaceable came and the games were sold. (Example GameBoy™)

online games free : gratis spelletjes om via het internet te spelen. free games to play online or download to your device to play for free...
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And then there was the emergence of the home computer or PC (Personal computer) in the 80s of the last century 😉 (Yes I am getting old) And in the beginning you could buy 3.5inch floppy disks and later CD- ROMs. A CD-ROM is the same as a music CD, but instead of music 1’s and 0’s, it contains computer data as 1’s and 0’s.

Computer games online free (or not)

And then around 1995, the internet became famous. (The internet has been around for much longer, but then it was purely text-based like the old DOS computers.) But in 1995 the graphical shell was designed using the HTML markup code. The WWW World Wide Web was born. But the WWW is not like almost everyone thinks the internet. WWW is only 1 application that works over the internet.

These web files were sent via HTTP. Those sites start with www. And now that’s HTTPS. S- from secure. Secure means that your data is sent encrypted and that no one can intercept your data between your PC and the target. NOTE: Secure does not mean that the site you are surfing on is reliable !!!

And so slowly but surely the online games have started to grow. Now there are 3 possibilities.

online games free – in your browser

These online games are built into the site and therefore come on your PC or other device. And then run it on your computer. These can for example be written in javascript in combination with HTML5. And they are usually small simple games because otherwise the internet download time would degrade your browsing experience. These also disappear when you leave the site. And must therefore always (automatically) be downloaded every time you open that page.

games download (free or not free)

You can compare this with the games you used to buy in the store. And that are on your device after downloading. And therefore remain on your device.

games online (free or not free) via server

With these types of games, you don’t download this full game data. (it can be several gigabytes) But only what is needed to play it on your computer. All other data remains in ‘the cloud’. That is a server on the internet. This way you can play together with multiple players from all over the world. The known MMORPG games. But also solo games such as TombRaider™. But there you also have the opportunity to communicate online and store your data online.

Online games free via the cloud.

For this you must first go to the website of such a service provider. And there you have to become a member and install a small piece of software in order to work with it. There you usually get a catalog with their offer. There are of course paid games (some of which are also worth their money), but often you will also find a nice collection of free online games.

Which online game server should I use?

There are so many that it is impossible to test them all. I only use one that is world famous and has proven itself. Because they are so large, you can also be sure that they think of their own reputation. And as a result, make an effort to be reliable. The Engine I use is STEAM. (They distribute not only games but also other software like music creation tools and others…

if you are creative you can learn to program your own games!!!

Like Happy Birds clone in C#:

Or the Corona space shooter game in C# link to article.

If you are a complete noob in programming. I suggest trying ‘Just Basic’ this is the most simple programming tool that includes everything (music support, sprites,…)

An Example Basketball Game (source code in Just Basic – JBasic) looks like this:

End ‘online games free.’

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