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Here are some English translations of the Dutch website. Translated with google translate : Summary topics : Lose weight, Eat more to lose weight and burn fat. Healthy slimming with bread. Walking. How to lose weight without effort. How to earn money creating a website. Cheap loans. Internet banking. Stock market crash 2020. Loan simulation. The lord’s prayer analyzed. Loneliness Dating. Brainwave mind machine. Amaze your friends with your brain power. How to control the LED drumpads with LMMS. Computer programming (games, fractals, data management) c#, javascript, HTML, php,… SEO tips. …

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  • How do I improve my health articles
  • Financial articles
  • Mental (thinking, stress, mind over matter,…)
  • FUN : make music, LMMS, games…
  • Computer : javascript, PC troubleshooting,…

COVID-19 : STOP THE LOCKDOWN CORONA A series of docu video’s and a Stop the lockdown T-shirt.

How to improve my health and wellness

How to be healthy.

  1. Lose Weight What do you need to know before you start your diet?!
  2. Eat more to lose weight and burn fat!!! Indeed, to lose weight you should not eat less. But eat more healthy food. This will make you less hungry. And also less craving for sweets and other snacks.
  3. new: Healthy slimming with bread. It is wrong to think that bread is a fat maker. Here you will find more information about what you can and cannot do with bread in your diet.
  4. Start Walking for your health, fun, to lose weight…
  5. NEW: How to lose weight without effort?
  6. smoking coronavirus statistics : Quit smoking: 40x more death from smoking versus coronavirus
  7. How to quit smoking tips – tutorial
  8. Drink : Drinks calories chart – alcohol and non-alcohol
  9. Youth pimples what to do? 😍

NEW: easy to use : online BMI calculator (Also info on how to implement in Excel.)

Wake-up call: LIVE health data – OBESE versus Starvation See how many people die – live update

Finance – English

  • Earning money with your online information – how to earn money creating a website?
  • cheap loans about how to get the cheapest mortgage loan. A Mortgage loan is generally referred to as a loan secured by residential property. Mostly for the purpose of acquiring the residence. Mortgage loans are lower priced than other forms of borrowing because the value of the property reduces the risk for the lender. Mortgage lending is the primary mechanism used in many countries to finance private ownership of residential property. The best or cheapest mortgage loan can be made even cheaper… read on…
  • Internet Banking: Via internet banking (or online banking) customers are able to conduct financial transactions on a secure website that is operated by their bank.
  • Stock market crash 2020
  • But you can make profit!!! : Which stocks are good in Corona times?
  • Loan simulation : calculate your installment (repayment) How much can you loan? With this online calculator you don’t have to walk to the bank. You can easily test how much you have to pay, depending on the parameters you choose. And when you’re done with that, you can go to the bank armed with this knowledge and negotiate even better conditions there. So that you obtain the best possible loan.

NEW: How to buy gold (as an investment) And is it wise to buy Gold?

And : How to make a profit with Bitcoin mining

NEW: Mortgage loan calculator Easy know how much can I loan for a house. (mortgage payment calculator)

English : Mental

  • Anti-stress : start Walking. Walking is not only good for your physique. But also good for your mental health. It can even help if you want to quit smoking.
  • Mind over matter : the lords’ prayer analyzed. Monetize your mind. The lords’ prayer seen from an economical and real magical view-point.
  • My loneliness is killing me. : Loneliness-Dating is a solution.
  • Brainwaves Mind Machine. Altered states of mind.

New: Amaze your friends with your brain power Mental square root calculation!!! 😎 With this tutorial you will learn how to calculate a square root faster than with a calculator. OK you have to invest some time in it to learn it. But after that you can use it, for example, to dazzle your friends. But this can also be practical if you need it functionally for your job.

NEW: How to become successful (in 30 days)

Fun – English articles.

How to control the LED drumpads of my Novation Launchkey in LMMS Make your own light-show in the rhythm of the music. LMMS is a free music creation program. This should not be inferior to FL studio, Ableton, … But I recently bought a keyboard with drum pads with built-in LED lights. Problem: LMMS didn’t have a driver for that. But it is still possible. After a lot of research with zero results, I started experimenting myself. And it works now !!! Me happy 🙂

NEW: How to change LMMS theme (colors and layout)

See also : How to split your midi keyboard for more instruments in LMMS

Don’t you know your Zodiac. What is my Zodiac Sign? Calculator. This is something I am still working on. But for now you can already find out what your zodiac sign is. Here you will also find some wiki explanations about the origin of the zodiac sign. If I ever have time I write a generator for that in JavaScript. Who makes a different forecast every day. (P.S.I don’t believe in that bullshit myself :-))

NEW: Online Games – free

Computer – English articles.

Chrome software reporter tool high CPU usage solution

Game tutorial in just basic – basketball game. just basic is the most simple programming langue to make games for Windows. It supports graphics and multiple sounds playing at the same time. (background music plus sound fx for example)

NEW: corona shooter game and tutorial in c-sharp c# Now in corona times, I made a simple game with which you can take your frustrations against the lock down. This is very basic. But very good for learning to program. You can also make it into a different game. Simply by using other drawings. And once you fully understand how it works, you can experiment with adding extra rules. 🙂

English programming articles: javascript

NEW: How to draw fractals in HTML using Javascript. This is a very simple program that draws a tree with fractals. Here you will learn how to do this with html and javascript combination. Here you will also learn the basics of how to draw graphically on your own canvas in HTML.

How to use javascript for automatic good morning afternoon evening? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could greet your web page visitor with good morning. (or noon, evening) But everywhere else in the world it is a different hour. And you are not going to update your website every hour. So the question is can we do that automatically? The answer is yes! You can learn that here with a very simple javascript. As you can see I apply this myself in the header of my website.

More Javascript 🙂 How to search in a large Table on your website? Your own search engine on your page : Search in Table in Html in Javascript.

SEO – search engine optimization

Simple SEO for beginners (and advanced) also wordpress tips. You can follow many courses about SEO. But with this tutorial I limit myself to common sense. These are the basic rules. Which are very easy to apply on your website. And that will certainly ensure a better result.

English DIY Electronics.

Calculate series ballast resistor LED (and find existing E12 resistor automatically)

DIY model train electronics: 2 LED display switch – 1 LED on other off.

Electronics – index page.

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