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How to become successful ❤️ (in anything)

This article is about any kind of success . Is quitting smoking. Become more confident. Make more money, feel better about yourself. Etc. That’s my motto: It’s not Hocus Pocus. But Hocus Focus !!!

30 days to YOUR success!

How to become successful : in 30 days to success

How to become successful is About: Success> Success in 30 days. Scientific Proven method. More wealth and money in my life. – success in life – earn a lot of money – quit smoking, …

How do I make more money? – positive thinking – success – turning thoughts into action – success in life.

30 days to success. (more than make money fast)

How to become successful : This article is about any kind of success . It’s quitting smoking. Become more confident. Make more money, feel better about yourself. Etc. That’s my motto: It’s not Hocus Pocus. But Hocus Focus !!! Copyright © Bruno Stroobandt.

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Success: the shareware principle

How to become successful: You’ve probably heard of shareware. Try before you buy. This is software, eg games where you can play a limited number of levels and if you want the sequel you have to register (pay) to receive the rest of the levels and continue playing with your game.

Now this is actually the best method to achieve success in your life. Try it before continuing. Many people have good ideas for getting something good into their lives. But they drop out too quickly. Even before they have tried.

There are hundreds of books about positive thinking in the store. The power of the subconscious mind. The secret to success and other bull shit books. But as long as you limit this positive thinking to thinking and do not convert it into practice, this is completely useless and fool yourself.

Apply the shareware principle in your life. For example, if you want to quit smoking. Then this is a tough task if you think that this is a task to continue for the rest of your life. So most people give up before they even start. But if you do this correctly, it will lead to success.

Success: how in practice

How to become successful: Start putting it into practice. Think of it as a shareware program. Quit smoking for 1 day. And then you can smoke again. With this thought that you should try to quit smoking for 1 day, it will be much easier to actually quit smoking for 1 day. Keep in mind that you can smoke again afterwards. This is a motivation to actually get started. And actually stop smoking for 1 day.

If you succeeded that day, try it another day. Without any obligation to continue. And so on until you’ve stopped for a week. Now you will be addicted to this software program and the positive effects on your health. So now that you’ve stopped for a week. Why not try to keep it up for another week. And now not only for your health but also because you have saved 36 euros and 20 cents or earn more in a week. You can buy two nice DVD movies for that 🙂
And so you continue until you have an extra 164 euros on your account at the end of the month . And therefore no longer feel like starting smoking again. (1968, – € per year !!! An extra full month’s wages 🙂 )

Now this smoking cessation software was just one example of our 30 day shareware program to success. You can apply this principle to everything that occurs in your life.

Success: thinking is not enough

How to become successful: The bottom line is that positive thinking is not enough if you don’t put it into practice. Think of a realistic goal in your life. Put this on paper and get started. And the road to success is open.

Also remember that life is not about having it. But to get it. And to get, you have to give something for that. (added value) . If you have something, your goal is fulfilled and the evolution in your life is therefore over. Be a Warrior . A warlord . And you do get to pass. Having is greedy. Giving is rewarded. (You do’nt need to give money, but added value. Be creative.)

Take this website as an example. This generates income by GIVING information.

In the beginning I did not like this either. But I applied the shareware principle myself.
First try and then believe 🙂 And indeed as the months went on and I kept adding new articles with the aim of informing the visitor. The more income started to pour in. (via Google Adsense) Now
it is not direct to write home about. But it’s nice if it covers some of my website’s expenses. It is also just a small project to keep myself busy. But you get the idea. Create added value for your fellow man and that will be rewarded 😎

How to become successful : in 30 days to success : 30 days is not an end

How to become successful: I realize now more than ever that HAVING is out of the question. Once you have something. Then you have reached your goal. And then you are virtually dead . Because then there is nothing left to look forward to. While giving frees unlimited wealth. Abundance, as they say in English. Inexhaustible wealth. Because there is more than you can ever consume.

How to become successful: Everyone has their creative source. The possibilities are endless. And if you share this wealth with others, it will automatically bring money to the drawer. Or another form of well-being. It is just what you want.
Success is therefore putting your wishes (thoughts) into practice . Do not stick to positive thinking but DO POSITIVE ACTIONS.

How to become successful: This is my motto: It’s not Hocus Pocus. But Hocus Focus !!! Copyright © Bruno Stroobandt.

How to be successful :

Every setback is a learning point that makes you wiser and stronger.

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How to be successful : Do what the 99% are not doing 🙂

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