youth pimples what to do 😍

youth pimples what to do?
Treating pimples:

youth pimples what to do : Treating pimples:

Treating Youth Pimples What To Do: What Is ACNE? How do I stop acne? At what age do you have breakouts. The pimples go away on their own. How do childhood pimples go away quickly? That pimple has to go tomorrow! How to cure childhood breakouts, and so many more questions and answers about treating pimples…

What are childhood pimples?

Youth Pimples What To Do – What Causes Pimples: To keep your skin healthy and supple. Sebum glands make a fat. This comes out normally and therefore keeps your skin supple. So it is actually a natural day cream 🙂

BUT: Your skin lives and also makes new cells. And old cells die. And things can go wrong there. If these dead dead cells clog the pores. Then this can lead to inflammation combined with a blockage of the sebaceous gland. And then you get a pimple filled with sebum in that place.

Because this problem usually starts in youth (around puberty 10-12 years) these pimples are called youth pimples. Officially, that’s Acne.

when do childhood pimples go away?

Treating pimples: Usually you are rid of it around 18-20. But you can have that all your life. It is then to a lesser extent. And that can start again in older people. And then we call that age acne.

Treating pimples: Youth pimples what to do.

Treating pimples: How to cure childhood breakouts: So the most important thing to do is take care of your skin. And ensure that those pores do not become clogged. There are of course various remedies that can help with this.

Youth #pimples ( #acne ) what to do: But what is also important what you should NOT do.Tweet


Treating pimples: Tips to prevent pimples:

  • Use too strong soap products that irritate the skin.
  • perfume (pure or in soap)
  • Hair gel or hairspray. Usually you also get pimples on your forehead where your hair (with gel, mousse,…) irritates your skin.
  • UV rays from the sun also damage your skin.
  • products that dry out your skin. (Because your skin will then produce more sebum as a counter-reaction.)
  • Don’t pick your face, because it will get worse. So do not scrub and wash abundantly. Because that also damages the skin and does nothing about the sebum production.
  • Eating too much sugar !!! What you do not immediately consume also converts your body into fat.

So you don’t get childhood breakouts by eating chocolate. But by eating TOO much chocolate. (Is ultimately a mixture of butter and sugar)

So how do childhood pimples go away quickly? It is especially prevented !!!

Tip s treat childhood breakouts.

Youth Pimples What To Do – How To Fix Youth Pimples: Treating pimples:

  • Special lotions with benzoyl peroxide This helps to remove dead skin cells and also kills bacteria. You must use this for at least 6 weeks before you notice whether or not it works for you.
  • That pimple MUST go away tomorrow! how quickly pimple away? There are special products for this (plasters or ointments). But be careful with this because these are often slightly more aggressive products. They do work, but cause more problems afterwards. Or you can gently squeeze and disinfect it with alcohol. But also here careful that you do not make large wounds that can leave a permanent scar. If it is ankle and red swelling. Then ice can also help. (Not directly but with a cloth in between.)
  • There are also medicines for acne.
  • Ask your pharmacy or doctor for advice if it is worse than usual.

Youth pimples nutrition

Youth Pimples What To Do – Nutrition: How To Fix Youth Pimples . There are all fables about what you can and cannot eat. What is important that you eat healthy food to stay healthy. And yes lemonade and chocolate and other sweets belong to the youth. But it is not directly through those products. But because you eat too much of it. (or drink)

Strong herbs can also influence. And of course this also depends individually from person to person. For example, you can react (slightly) allergic to certain foods and therefore get pimples. You have to test that yourself by not eating a certain suspicious product for 2 weeks and see if this is the culprit.

Where do you get pimples

You can do that in any pore all over your body. But this is most often the case in certain zones. And that’s in the face. On the shoulders and on the back.

And no it is not contagious!

Youth pimples what to do – contagious: ACNE is also partly caused by a bacterium. But it is specific to man. Everyone already has them. So you can no longer pass them on. How is it that some people suffer a lot and others don’t? Well that is a combination of all of the above. And it is also partly decided in your DNA. (hereditary factor)

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