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categories menu: This is the road-map (sitemap) main- categories. Infonosity is getting to big to put all articles under the menu structure. Therefore I created this categories-index page. You can get to all posts about a subject via the main menu. But via this overview it is more clear about the structure. And there are also some non-blog posts (pages) that are also complete articles, but they are posted as a Page (to make them non-time-bound)

These are the non-blog pages. This can be a complete article or an index for a categorie of blog-posts. Below this menu-list is the categorie-tag list. (English below Dutch folowed by German)

Dies sind die Nicht-Blog-Seiten. Dies kann ein vollständiger Artikel oder ein Index für eine Kategorie von Blog-Posts sein. Unterhalb dieser Menüliste befindet sich die Kategorie-Tag-Liste. (Englisch unter Niederländisch gefolgt von Deutsch)

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This is an automated categorie-list. If you click these links, you get a list of posts/pages that were tagged with these words.

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The end : categories menu. P.S.: If you don’t see what you are looking for in these categories menu. You can also use the new search field at the top of the page to scan for your keyword on

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