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loan simulation - calculate your installment online.
calculate your installment online.

Here you can do a loan simulation yourself. That way you know quickly how much you have to pay off each month. In this mortgage calculator, I use the formula for a fixed monthly amount. You can borrow even cheaper if you opt for a fixed capital repayment.

With a loan with a fixed capital repayment you first pay more. But that drops every month. This is because you pay back a larger portion of the borrowed money each month. So that there is less money faster on which the bank asks for interest. You therefore pay less in total.

A bank will not easily recommend that. (or even remain silent about it) Because that is of course less profit for them. So it’s good that you know that the fixed capital repayment option exists.

In addition: by the last few months you pay less per month. But by that time the money is also worth less (your income has increased) So that is twice in your favor.

Calculate your mortgage loan

Below you can test how much you can borrow. This depends on the interest and the period on which you pay everything off. This loan simulation is useful for this. It saves you a lot of bank visits and / or emails that you have to wait for an answer.

This loan simulation is therefore with the same monthly repayment. So it is slightly more expensive, but you know what you can expect every month. If your wish is successful with this loan simulation . Then you can still discuss with your bank what the options are.

Simulation loan – online – fixed monthly payment.

How do you calculate monthly payments on a loan?

In this loan simulation (loan calculator), I use this formula:

monthly payment loan = A1 * (A2 / ((1 – ((1 + A2) ^ (- A3)))). Where A1 = the amount. A2 = interest / 12/100 and A3 = months.

Loan Simulator – calculator (monthly repayment)

Jus fill in the numbers and click ‘calculate’ button.

Loan Simulation Installment (monthly repayment)
Amount to be borrowed
JKP Year interest (fixed)
Number of months.

Outcome Month Repayment:
(Note: use a decimal point instead of a comma)

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