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Javascript good morning html.

Javascript good morning html: How can you display a time dependent greeting on your HTML website (or WordPress) using JavaScript?

Javascript good morning html : This good morning afternoon evening javascript is about: How can you display a time dependent greeting on your HTML website (or WordPress) using JavaScript?

Javascript is a very simple programming langue. You can use javascript separate to write simple programs. But in this case we are going to use it in combination with html. In this example I use it to send an automatic greeting. Everywhere in the world it is a different hour. And so if someone comes to your site and you wish to send them an appropriate greeting. Then you do not know whether it is day or night there. and for that we use this script. It checks the time of your visitor. And then adjusts the notification via the H4 tag that we have given an ID. So other H4 tags are not modified.

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Javascript good morning html in action: This line below gives a greeting depending on the time of the day.

Javascript good morning html: automatic generated text:


Javascript good morning - how it works:

  1. The <h4 id="greeting">test</h4> is just like a normal header. But now it also has an ID-label.
  2. Then starts the actual goodmorning javascript.
  3. dt= a variable that is filled with the current hour. (At the PC of the visitor)
  4. Then it if a simple 'if' function in our javascript.
  5. Depending on the time, another text is written to the H4-banner.
  6. writing to the html file from javascript is with the following commando:
  7. document.getElementById("greating").innerHTML='your new text'

You can also put your script in a separate file. example 'main.js' and you call this script from within the html page with the following code:

<script src='main.js'></script>

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