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How to buy gold? Where can I buy – sell gold?

Is it wise to buy gold? Is it time to buy gold?

How to buy Gold and is buying gold wise? – Is investing in gold wise? And how can I invest in gold? Here you will find all the options and the pros and cons of buying gold as an investment. Below the gold price chart or goldprice of the past 20 years versus the S&P500 on the stock-market. Is it time to buy gold?…

How to buy Gold? Buying gold - Is buying gold wise as an investment. gold versus stocks. - gold versus s&p chart - s&P 500
gold price chart 2000-2020 versus S&P500

Opportunities to buy gold: in this article .:

  1. Physical = gold bars. (That doesn’t have to be a kilo of gold 😉)
  2. Gold coins = can be an old real coin (eg Leopold 1865 = Gold 20Bfr piece. 22 carat 6.45 grams) But also special collector coins.
  3. Derived stock market product. This follows the gold price.
  4. Shares in a Gold mine factory or gold industry.
  5. Gold price – Gold price: take into account extra costs, depending on the amount of gold you buy.

Buy gold as an investment.

Introduction: Is buying gold wise? : Of course you can always buy a gold chain or jewel to wear or to have. And that also has its value. But this kind of gold is not wise to invest in. Because with chains and other gold jewelry, you pay more than the gold price. You also pay because it is a work of art and costs for production. And if it is beautiful, and therefore loved. Then you pay for that too. BUT if you sell it. you usually only get the gold price. The margin between the real gold price and the price you pay for the jewel is too far apart.

Of course if you wait long enough you will make a profit. But that is rather something to give to your next of kin. And if you have something like that from your grandmother. Then you can sell that gold for a profit.

Is buying gold wise:

Gold will become worth more in the long run !!! Just for the simple reason that there is only a limited supply of it on this planet. And it is not for the foreseeable future that Elon Musk will fly to Venus with his SpaceX to mine there 🙂 (There is a lot of gold there, but to get it there is currently impossible work and much more expensive than what gold is worth. ) At CERN they can make gold !!! But you don’t have to be afraid of this either. Because with that machine they need 100,000 years to make 3 grams of gold.

Is it time to buy gold?

Of course, gold is also sensitive to supply and demand. If large banks worldwide dump their gold because they need cash to buy shares, the gold price will drop. And vice versa, when the banks see that a recession is on the way, they will secure their money in gold and the gold price will rise. (Happened last year 2019) who probably knew more about the big stock market crash of 2020 that is yet to come. Also look at the gold price chart above!

How to buy Gold – your options:

Buy physical gold.

You can do this through your bank or through a specialized dealer. Always pay attention to the stamp. 24 carat gold = 100% And 18 carat is therefore 18/24 or 75%. 18 carat or less is usually in jewelry. Gold bars are usually 99.99% pure gold. In the stamp they express that in per mille, so that number is 999.9 per mille = 24 carat gold. And 750 is then 18 carat gold.

Gold coins

So you have to be careful with this because this is like jewelry. You often pay them more than they are worth. And if you want to sell them, the seller says. oops oops there is a scratch on it, now I can’t give much for it 😉

Derivative exchange products in gold

Gold trackers. This is an investment fund. Buy that gold when someone buys tracker. It is a portfolio of multiple gold standards and investments that follow the price of the gold. So you buy well without having to buy physical gold yourself. To do this, you must first open a trading account with your bank or stock exchange traders platform.

Shares in gold industry

You can of course also buy shares from a factory that extracts gold from the ground. But that is therefore slightly more risky. Because then you are in 1 company. And you never know if this will continue to make a profit. For example, also take into account war or natural disasters! (or corrupt governments that manipulate mine or impose limits.)

Gold price in troy ounces to grams or kilograms

1 troy ounce = 31.1034768 grams. If you look at the gold price on Yahoo Finance, for example, this is always in USD per 1 troy ounce. So you have to divide that gold rate by 31.1. Then you have US dollar per gram. And you have to divide that by the (EUR / USD) rate. On June 6 that was 1.13 (so for 1 euro you have to pay $ 1.13)

NOTE: If you buy smaller gold bars, for example, 10 grams, the fixed production costs and transport weigh too much on the real value of the gold. Also keep this in mind. Because if you sell your gold, the store or bank will not pay you transport costs, hey 🙂

How is money created – Everything you need to know.

It is not only ‘How to buy gold?’ but ‘Why to buy gold?’. Since money is FAKE!!! Gold is a safe heaven:

Investing in real estate or gold?

As you have seen. Do you now know how the elite get richer and richer. The big banks print money and buy real estate with it. You may not print money yourself according to their laws. But you can follow them by investing your money in real estate !!! How much can I borrow with my income to buy a house? see: Mortgage installment calculator.

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