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Stock market crash 2020 approaching -black Monday - meme- Copyright (c) Bruno Stroobandt.

About: The stock market crash of 2020. Is the stock market crash of 2020 inevitable? And how bad will it be? What are the indicators? Both technical analysis and (hidden) facts that happened in the past year. What role do the big banks play? Last edit 2020-01-03 YMD

How bad will the stock market crash be in 2020?

That a stock market crash 2020 will come, you shouldn’t have studied for that. When a plane climbs, and the kerosene is gone … And so it is with the stock market.

First of all you need to know that MONEY does not exist. Money only works as long as people believe in it. Just look at the Bolivar. There you now need more money to buy a roll of toilet paper than there are sheets of paper on the roll !!! 😎

Money is just a number on the computer. If you take out a loan , the bank will get a well. (from fake money) This well cannot exist. So you get x months to give that money back. So this virtually added money. Can be destroyed again. Everything is back in balance. And the fake money is gone. BUT, you have to pay interest for that. And for that you have to provide work. If you take out a loan, you are therefore a slave to your employer. Plus slave from the bank.

And that’s how it happens at the fair. The same share is sold more and more expensive. As long as fools are found who want to pay more than the previous owner. But the higher the price becomes, the fewer fools are left.

At the end of a stock market rally, we usually see that it goes faster and faster. Because then it becomes visible to a larger audience how ‘good’ things are going. Then greed comes up, and they want their share of the cake. But that cake is running out. 🙂

Most people don’t even look at the accounting of the company from which they buy shares !!! It’s like buying a house blind. Without ever having been inside. And without knowing what the defects are.

We learned something with the stock market crash of 2008.

Ha no, of course not. The course is therefore normalized, so that we can jump back on the train and inflate the balloon again until it pops back. Or look at the L&H story. Or Agfa also had a crash almost 20 years ago. Was then more than 27 Euros. Where are they now? And we are not getting any younger ourselves 😉

Strong increase in gold rate !!!

What we saw last year was a sharp rise in the gold price. This should already illuminate a light. Because this is a safe haven if the stock market is not doing well.

The large banks of course know much more than the victims (the common man). They started securing their capital last year by reducing their equity portfolio. And to put this money in gold. Those big men are also able to push the stock market by buying and selling packages of shares at the right time. They can thus influence the availability of marketable shares.

And then there is of course the power of the media. To make the right (push) manipulation messages public at suitable times.

stock market crash 2020 target price

It is difficult to determine when the top will be reached. You do have tools for that. Such as the technical analysis .

See also, for example, about the forecast of the Agfa price (Dutch) summit at the end of November 2019. (You see how it is a lost month (Dutch) later, as I expected)

crash 2020: finally.

The fact is, if you jump on the train at the end of a rally, then you are gambling. And so not investing. Because once the stock market crash starts, it goes fast. And a second mistake that people make is that they dare not take a loss. They remain stuck with their shares and do not dare to get out. Because what if the wind turns tomorrow? What if you have no money tomorrow to be able to start back at better times !!!

Donald J Trump

update 2020-01-03 YMD: And then of course we have Donald J Trump. You will find enough stories about this on the Internet. But the breaking news that is affecting the world economy. Is what he did last night. This is yet another additional indicator for the expectation of the stock market crash 2020.

(the fact: US drone strike ordered by Trump kills top Iranian commander in Baghdad)

Below his (Donald J. Trump) first reaction

Donald J Trump over : US drone strike ordered by Trump kills top Iranian commander in Baghdad

And last but not least: Corona virus (covid-19)

This is likely to affect the entire world economy as well. Both more unemployment and therefore declining consumer confidence. And this in turn has a negative impact on the turnover of the companies.

If there are many deaths, it will also have an impact on the real estate sector. With falling prices for homes. (houses and apartments)

BUT here are also sectors and therefore also stocks that are doing well thanks to Corona. Which stocks are good in Corona times – list 33 corona stocks

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