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Electronics - index page : DIY, projects, calculator, schematics, music,...

Electronics – index page. Here you will find all kinds of DIY electronic projects and tools like for example a LED ballast resistor calculator… Hobby electronics, music, tutorials,….

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How to calculate the series resistor for a LED? This LED calculator returns the exact resistor, but will also give you the first higher existing ballast resistor in the E12 series. It will also calculate how much Watt it should be. And returns the color code of the E12 resistor.

LED series resistor calculator.

electronics DIY projects

I got a question about how to use 2 LED on 1 GPIO (digital output) Turning 1 LED on and the other off. I had designed this simple electronic schematic to turn 1 LED on and the other off, using just 1 switch. Just replace the switch with a transistor and you can use this whit an Arduino or Raspberry.

Here is a Youtube video about this:

The article: How to turn 1 LED on and the other OFF using 1 switch or digital output (GPIO-pin)

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Music – projects

How to use LMMS with a midi keyboard? : In this tutorial you will learn how to drive the LED leds of your midi drumpads.

Novation Launchkey LED in LMMS

How to change LMMS theme (not only the colors can be changed, but everything 😎 )

See also : How to split your midi keyboard for more instruments in LMMS

Computer projects:

Programming your electronic devices:

NEW: corona shooter game and tutorial in c# Now in corona times, I made a simple game with which you can take your frustrations against the lock down. This is very basic. But very good for learning to program. You can also make it into a different game. Simply by using other drawings. And once you fully understand how it works, you can experiment with adding extra rules. 🙂

Game tutorial in just basic – basketball game. just basic is the most simple programming langue to make games for Windows. It supports graphics and multiple sounds playing at the same time. (background music plus sound fx for example)


Chrome software reporter tool high CPU usage solution


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electronics – index

Electronics - index page. Here you will find all kinds of DIY electronic projects and tools like for example a ...
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