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About: The Google Chrome – Software reporter tool. What is it? Problem with high CPU usage. And how can we solve this?

Do you sometimes have the feeling that an airplane lands in your laptop? Because your CPU is running at full speed? Well, if you’re using some heavy program (or game) that’s normal.

Chrome software reporter tool? What is it. How to disable it.

With me there are 3 fans that can go up to more than 6000 revolutions per minute. And that is a lot of noice 🙂 It is like if you are in a server room 🙂 But if this happens when you are just browsing Firefox pages with Firefox (not Youtube). Then this is suspect. That’s why I pressed ctrl-shift-esc combination to open task manager (under win 10)

chrome Software reporter tool – high CPU usage – high cpu usage – multiple instances

google chrome Software reporter tool high cpu
Software reporter tool – multiple instances – high CPU usage

chrome Software Reporter Tool

Ha, 🙂 The cause is apparently “Software Reporter Tool” And apparently it runs not once, but 4 times simultaneously. Then of course comes the question is that a useful or dangerous program? So I just google that. And that turns out to be part of Google Chrome. Now in the beginning I used Chrome just because it was on my laptop when I bought it.

But I soon switched to the better FireFox browser. (and safer).

Is chrome software reporter tool a virus or harmful software?

Is it harmful? Yes and no. It is a program that checks in the background whether you have any unsafe plugins and whether they are performing suspicious activities. On the other hand, your antivirus software and firewall are there too. So if it is good, that task does not have to be performed a 2nd time. Moreover, it is from Google, and also send reports to Google. And what happens to that data?

And problem 2, take 50% of the processor time ??? (In my case of a 6core i7 laptop with 32GB RAM) That’s about it 🙁

Fortunately, thanks to the new privacy legislation, there is the possibility to disable this. Of course it is also well hidden if you do not know much about computers.

How – Remove or disable the chrome software reporter tool?

Delete or remove software reporter tool

There is no point in deleting it as long as you continue to use Chrome, as it will come back as soon as you do an update. But you can put it on non active. It can still become active while using chrome, but will not continue to run in the background if you use Firefox, for example.

Chrome software reporter tool disable. – Switch off.

1) start up google chrome.

2) click on the 3 dots above each other at the top right. a menu will open. There you choose settings. This opens a new tab with the settings.

3) click on advanced and then on system.

4)There you normally get to see this:
software reporter tool disable

keep running background apps when google chrome is closed - chrome software reporter tool

5) Background apps will continue to run when Google Chrome is closed. (Achtergrondapps blijven uitvoeren wanneer Google Chrome is gesloten) You turn this off. (is then gray) (so also the chrome software reporter tool 🙁 )

6) On the same screen at the bottom, click on Clean up computer.(Computer opruimen) You will then see the screen below:
google chrome reporting. disable (un-check) for private data

report harmful software and system data to google

There you uncheck it if you do not wish to share your private data with Google.

And then you can close everything. From now on it will no longer happen that your battery suddenly runs out faster than expected. And that your laptop fans start running at full speed when you are just reading text. 😎

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