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eat more to lose weight and burn fat

🙋‍♂️ How to eat MORE to lose weight and burn fat…not only fast but with permanent result.

eat more to lose weigt and burn fat

‘eat more to lose weight’: about how to eat more in your diet to lose weight not only fast but with permanent result. Higher metabolism, and burn fat!!! How to improve my health and wellness? why do i gain weight when i eat less?

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 lose weight fast Chinese version (My first attempt at Chinese) 🙂

How to eat more to lose weight and burn fat?

Eat more to lose weight: A fat ass or being fat is not only ugly, but it is also unhealthy.
The problem with most diets is that they are too drastic and don’t burn fat.
By eating less, you put your body in an alarm phase.
OK, in the first few weeks you will lose weight very fast. But this is mostly water. Your body will think. Ooh, I get only like 1000 calories per day, so I need to survive with this.
And eventually, your body lowers his metabolism to be able to survive with only 1000 calories.
And then it stops losing weight.

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The next step is that you quit your diet because it doesn’t work anymore. And you start to eat more again. But since your body has learned to survive on only 1000 calories it will gain weight more quickly than you lost it.

Eat more to lose weight: While you were doing your crash diet, your body needed to get his energy from somewhere else. And this energy comes partially from your fat but also partially from your muscles that are broken down into proteins.
The main reason that your metabolism wends down, is because you lost muscle mass.

That’s why it is important to do exercises while you are on a diet. You don’t need to do some top-sport. A simple exercise like walking a few hours per day is more than enough.

Eat more to lose weight: Another problem with eating less is that you also get fewer nutrients via your food intake. This is also a reason why you get hungry and are attempted to eat some cookies to silence your hunger.

Any form of diet to lose fat or weight quickly is bad. Because this lowers your metabolism.

So, how do we handle our overweight problem and start losing weight and burn fat?

Eat more to lose weight: Thus apart from eating less calories. (not less food) We have to lift our metabolism. Not only by doing exercises. You can even increase your metabolism by turning the heat of your home down. Because then your body needs to create more heat 😎 Hot spice foods also help. And coffee (without sugar of course).

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Eating more to lose fat and weight.

The reason why most people are fat is that they eat a lot of unhealthy fast food. That is full of salt, fat, sugar and contains lots of calories. But it contains almost non-nutrients that the body needs.
And it is this lack of nutrients that make you feel hungry for even more fast food. Because the FF gives you a quick boost. But this excess of sugar is rapidly broken down and transformed into your already fat ass and belly. And so, you get hungry again. A vicious circle.

What we need to do is systematically start to replace all this junk food with healthy food.
And since it takes longer to digest this healthy food, the energy in that food will be released on a slower tempo. This will also prevent the up and down peaks in your blood sugar levels.
And since there are actually nutrients in this food, your body will not cry anymore for more unhealthy food to give you a boost.

why do i gain weight when i eat less?

Also important is what calories do I get from drinking? Therefore I made a calories drinks chart.

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