How to lose weight without effort?

How to lose weight?

How to lose weight without effort? About: Here you will find tips on slimming without suffering from hunger. No complex diet that you cannot sustain. But a few adjustments to our dietary habits. How to improve my health and wellness!

scientific tips for slimming
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  1. Losing weight without difficulty? : Don’t kid yourself. 🙂
  2. Lose weight snacks. : how to avoid cravings
  3. Losing Snacks for the TV. : Alternatives.
  4. How – Exercise without effort : You don’t need to do top-sport.
  5. Slimming without effort – Hungry. : How to lower the hunger feeling.
  6. How to lose weight without effort – the right moment.
  7. How to lose weight psychology. : Simple tricks to apply.
  8. I don’t eat, and I gain weight? : Don’t forget about calories in drinks.

Losing weight without difficulty?

Don’t kid yourself. 🙂 You will of course have to do something. Or maybe even have to do a little less. And that is less snacking. OK of course we don’t want to go hungry when we lose weight. Because it is precisely because of that hunger that we allow ourselves to be tempted by all those tasty snacks.

Lose weight snacks.

Losing weight without difficulty? It can always happen that you get hungry at work. But don’t walk straight to the coffee machine. Or candy machine. You can also take a healthy piece of fruit from home to work. Such as an apple or orange.

Do not use apple juice or orange juice for drinking. Fruit juices contain as many calories as cola and other lemonade. You need 3 to 4 oranges to make 1 glass of orange juice. And when that glass is empty, you feel like another glass. And so, without realizing it, you get 8 oranges in your body. If you eat a real orange, you will be satisfied after 1 orange.

You must indeed drink enough. But that is water and not lemonade or fruit juice. OK, once in a while a can of soda doesn’t hurt. But this may not be your source to hydrate yourself.

Losing Snacks for the TV.

The same applies if you sit in front of the TV in the evening with chips and nuts. You tilt it inside like a machine. But your consciousness is with its attention at the film.

You naturally want something to nibble. But instead of eating empty calories (without any added value for your body). Can you replace it with something healthy. For example, you can cut radishes into slices. Or cucumber . You also have something to nibble on. But now it is mainly water and vitamins. (That is what your body needs.)

How – Exercise without effort.

If you want to lose weight you should not do heavy sports. You just have to make sure that you are less on your butt. And of course if you are sitting in your chair at the office you cannot tell your boss that you are going to walk for an hour 😉

But just standing up and sitting back every 15 minutes is already an exercise that raises your entire weight and therefore consumes energy. This also ensures that not your muscles lose weight, but your fat reserves.

You can also park your car a little further and create a 10-minute walk from your car to the office floor and back in the evening. Then with little effort you have already done 5 x 20 minutes of sport without realizing it. 😎

And if you go to the bakery for your daily bread . Then do this on foot.

Slimming without effort – Hungry.

You usually get hungry because fast sugars give you a boost. But as the word ‘fast’ says, they are also worked out quickly. This way you snack for more sugar. And you are in a vicious circle. So you have to ensure that you mainly eat complex carbohydrates.

The problem with sugar is that you eat more than what you need. And the surplus is stored as fat. And if you are hungry, you can’t just call that fat in 1, 2, 3. Because of this you eat something with sugar again. Which makes you feel good for a while. But again getting too much sugar.

This causes an unstable blood sugar level and is also the cause of the rich countries diabetic type-2 disease . (And believe me you don’t want to get that) (And especially if you know that this is your own fault, and can even end deadly !!!)

For example, use brown bread instead of white bread for breakfast . Some of those expensive slimming pills just contain pea powder. Because this is poorly digested, and therefore stays in the stomach for a long time, giving you a longer feeling of satiety. But save yourself that expensive medication, or diet pills and just eat a small can of peas 🙂 Or a plate of Snert (pea soup) for breakfast. You can prepare that the night before. That way you won’t lose any time in the morning. 😉

How to lose weight without effort – the right moment.

You can even lose weight by not adjusting your diet but the time you eat it !!!

Many people, so to speak, do not have time to have breakfast in the morning. And then a mug of coffee with a lot of sugar came in. To then sit in their car. You don’t need sugar to drive to your office, your car needs fuel 🙂 . So this sugar is converted to fat. And when you arrive at work you are hungry because the sugar in your blood is gone.

If you do eat a decent breakfast. With complex carbohydrates, these will spread in your blood over a longer period of time, and you will consume them too. You will not be hungry then. But more importantly, not a dip, so that you won’t work coffee with sugar inside it into your body, again.

The same goes for the evening meal. 7 hours before you go to sleep you do not have to eat a heavy meal, because it is not consumed when you sleep. But all is saved as a fat reserve.

If you eat the same amount of food during the day, it will be used. And so nothing can be saved. And you won’t get hungry in between.

In brief. Eat when your body needs food. And not because the (factory) clock says it’s time to eat. Eat like a king in the morning, like a workman in the afternoon, and a beggar in the evening.

How to lose weight psychology.

Tips to lose weight without difficulty:

A tip is to use smaller plates. This shows as if you take a lot. And you also have the feeling that you are satisfied with your full plate.

Slimming tip. Slimming without effort. Use narrow tall glasses for unhealthy drinks. And wide low glasses for healthy drinks. Copyright (c) htpps: // Bruno Stroobandt.
wide glass for water,
narrow high glass for
unhealthy drinks

Another tip: Also use narrow tall glasses for your unhealthy drinks. Such as lemonade or fruit juice. (or alcohol) This is the same size as a thick lower glass. But it shows more. This will also ensure that you think you drink a lot. And therefore less likely to catch up.

For healthy drinks such as water, or tea (and even coffee, but without sugar of course). Then use the wide low glass. This will encourage you to drink more of it.

Another tip : ALCOHOL pure = just as many calories as fat !!! So you don’t drink a glass of liquid butter either. (do you? 🙂)

Best slimming diet tips:

  1. ⛔ Serve unhealthy food on a RED plate. Red is programmed in our brains as STOP or DANGER.
  2. 🧁 Do not put cookies on display. If they are not in front of you, and you have to make the effort to get them from the kitchen or storage room, for example. You will also do that less quickly.
  3. 📺 Do not watch cooking programs or food advertisements on TV while you are eating. Because that way you get more hungry or wanting. And you eat more.
  4. 🌶️ Use more (hot) pepper instead of salt with your (hot) meal. This increases your metabolism. how to increase metabolism? – start walking?
  5. 🛏️ Do not eat anymore (3 to 4 hours) before you go to sleep.

End: “How to lose weight without effort?”

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