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calculate BMI online, About: Am I too fat test? And how much is my BMI? : Here you can calculate your BMI online yourself. What is my ideal weight? What is BMI? Here you will also find the formula to do this yourself in Excel. What is the BMI formula? And calculate the formula bmi in Excel … Slimming with the help of Excel. Also free download of a BMI table to keep track of your progress in graph.

Nederlands BMI calculator

Online BMI calculator: On this page:

BMI formula
  1. BMI calculate formula.
  2. Meaning BMI.
  3. What is the ideal BMI man / BMI woman.
  4. The BMI calculator. The online BMI calculator.
  5. How to calculate BMI in Excel (Excel formula BMI + explanation)
  6. Free Download BMI in Excel with Chart. This way you can easily see if your diet is on schedule.

BMI calculation formula:

BMI = weight (kg) / height (m) / height (m)

!!! online BMI calculator: a little further on this page is the BMI calculator. !!!

What is BMI?

Am I too fat? BMI is a mathematical relationship between body height and body weight.
Note !: The BMI is only a direction indicator. And you may only apply to mature people. (people also search on bmi calculate child or bmi calculate elderly) ==> BMI you can only look at mature people !!!. Am I too fat? Test it out with this online BMI calculator.

NEW: LIVE health BMI obese in the world statistics. (Be amazed 🙂)

Ideal BMI – calculate BMI scale.

Am I too fat? How much should my BMI be? bmi calculate woman – bmi calculate man.

The ideal BMI man: The BMI scale man: must be between 20 and 25.
And the ideal BMI woman: The BMI scale woman: must be between 18 and 23.

Lower is too thin, higher is too thick.

If you have a website about slimming, it’s nice that people on your site can calculate their BMI. (Body Mass Index). Here you can calculate your BMI online:

How much is my BMI: The online BMI calculator:

calculate bmi woman (18-23 is good) – calculate bmi man. (20-25 is good) This is the scientific BMI, so this uses, the metric system. (not stone-age ;-))

Body Mass Index calculator (BMI calculator)
Weight in kilo
lenght in centimeters

Uitkomst BMI
(Note: use a decimal point instead of comma)

BMI calculator on your computer: calculate BMI in Excel

Formula Calculate BMI in Excel :

Calculate formula BMI in Excel with graph. - am I too fat -
Calculate BMI in Open Office Calc (Excel) And Graph example.

Calculate your BMI yourself on your PC: How to calculate my BMI in Excel : You put this in cell A1: weight. And in cell B1: height and in C1: BMI. These are the title fields. Now you have to type the formula in cell C2. It remains there. In A2 and B2 you then enter your values ​​each time. You will then see the outcome in C2.

So, the line below you enter your weight and height, in A2 and B2 and in C2 the formula will be: ‘= A2 / B2 / B2’

Note: length = in meters. You can also enter in cm then the Excel formula is: ‘= A2 / B2 / B2 * 10000’ (* 100 * 100 to convert centimeter to meter.) If you enter the length in meter (eg 1.80) then it is just ‘= A2 / B2 / B2’.

Also nice if you drag the formula in C2 to the cells below. This way you can create a table with your evolution. Then enter the date in column D. With the chart wizard, you can also create a BMI chart with it. 😎

BMI calculator Free download (ODS file Open Office)

Calculate your BMI yourself – free download. BMI calculator with graph in ODS format: An ODS file is the Open Office version of Excel. There that program calls Calc. But you can also just open that in Excel.

Why pay for Microsoft junk full of spyware (that’s Microsoft) when you can use open office, better and safer. (search Google on:

Example How to calculate BMI in Excel with chart.BMI-Chart-Excel Download

End of online BMI calculator:

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