make a money tap – Turn water into dollars

Make a money tap – tutorial. : How to make money converting cheap energy into expensive energy? This is not free energy like the perpetual motion machines. But a free energy machine, like MONEY=ENERGY 🙂 ⚠️WARNING️⚠️ this is information they don’t want you to know 😉 Continue reading at your own risk 😎

Make a money tap - free energy - no perpetual motion needed. - moneytap

Make a money tap – turn water into money

Free energy generator. You read a lot of online stuff about perpetual motion machines running forever and generating energy out of nothingness. This is not going to work. You can’t create something out of nothing.

But you can transform one energy into another. And the most useful energy on this planet is MONEY 🙂

So why don’t we build a money generator. Only Banks can print money. If you print money that is illegal by their self written laws. They are to big to fight against. But you can of course outsmart these assholes (money mafia banks 😉 )

Perpetual money generator machine

Now why does energy cost money? Because they ask money for it. Point.

But some energy is cheaper than other energy. So to make a profit. We just have to turn cheap energy into expensive energy and the price difference is your profit.

Water is almost free energy. Electricity is very expensive energy. So we just have to use water to make electricity 🙂

Below is a simple diagram of the concept. How to implement this is not my business. I just deliver the idea to save money. :

How to make money for free. Turn water into money. make a moneytap - Copyright © Bruno Stroobandt Infonosity.

Make a money tap – working: The working of this money generator is very simple. We just use a water driven generator. This is to be use off-grid to charge batteries or your phone. With some extra electronics you will find as a unit in camping-gear stores. Or you can build your own electronics. You will find more info if you search for solar panel electronics on the net.

The end. ‘Make a money tap’


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