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electronics – index

Electronics – index page. Here you will find all kinds of DIY electronic projects and tools like for example a LED ballast resistor calculator… Hobby electronics, music, tutorials,…. electronics calculators How to calculate the series resistor for a LED? This LED calculator returns the exact resistor, but will also give you the first higher existing ballast resistor in the E12

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drinks calories chart

Drinks calories chart. How can I lose weight quickly. People are always concerned with diet food. You often hear people say I eat almost nothing and yet I thicken. Or does not lose a gram.

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Calculate the series resistor LED. (And the E12 color code.)

Here you can easily calculate the series resistor for a LED. Also for more LED’s in series. And this LED calculator automatically searches for the correct resistor in the E12 series.

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Fractals in JavaScript Tutorial

In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to generate a simple tree and forest landscape. Using only JavaScript. This picture is not drawn using Paint. It is 100% generated by code.

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Shooter Corona Game in C-sharp – game tutorial.

Game Tutorial: Corona shooter game in C-sharp (C #): You can play it here (free download) but also find the source code to program the game itself. Just by using other drawings, you can make another game. For example, a 2D space shooter.

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Zodiac test – Calendar – calculator

Zodiac Test – what horoscope am i – How can I know my Zodiac sign? – about: This is just a test to find out what your horoscope sign is. What is my Zodiac? Find out what your Zodiac is with this calculator. This page is still under construction. For now it just calculates your sign. But if I have

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