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healthy slimming with bread

Slimming with bread. Explanation about the bread diet. Also information about which bread is best. (brown bread or white bread)

Bread diet. Healthy Slimming with bread.

about: healthy slimming with bread: Slimming with bread. Explanation about the bread diet. Also information about which bread is best. (brown bread or white bread) How to improve my health and wellness!

also slimming bread In dutch: Nederlands : afvallen met brood.

A way to lose weight

Healthy slimming with bread. Give us our daily bread today: You can also bake it yourself 🙂
Give us our daily bread today: You can also bake it yourself 🙂

healthy slimming with bread: q&a: Is brown bread good for weight loss? The bread diet and losing weight with bread ??? Yes, that’s possible! It is a way to lose weigt. Bread is known as a fat maker but you can certainly lose weight fairly quickly with the bread diet. It is not the bread that makes it thick but the butter topped the jam or chocolate or other fat.

The number of calories in a slice of bread depends on the species. Although brown whole grain or more cereal bread contains slightly more calories, we should prefer this bread for slimming because it is rich in slow sugars (carbohydrates) minerals and vitamin.

healthy slimming with bread: The slow carbohydrates (slow sugars)

These come into our blood more slowly compared to pure (white) sugars. (Such as sugars from cookies and other sweets or white bread) These fast sugars ensure that our blood sugar levels rise quickly. So that we produce insulin to break it down. The excess energy is then stored as fat. But then we are again a few hours later with a low blood sugar level and getting the necessary energy from fat is not as fast as in the other direction. The result we get hungry and eat sweets and cookies and so on, etc.

But with slow sugars or slow carbohydrates from whole-grain bread this is different because these come into our blood much slower at a rate that we actually consume it, our pancreas does not have to make insulin and our blood sugar will not fluctuate so extremely.
With the bread diet you are not going to lose weight extremely fast, but at a normal pace of 0.5 kg to 1 kg per week. For example, the bread diet is a lot healthier than a crash or soup diet that only gives you a headache and ultimately ends up thicker than before.

The bread change diet or briefly the bread diet . – healthy slimming.

slimming bread diet: how much bread per day?

healthy slimming with bread: With this way of dieting to lose weight with the bread diet, we eat just one day of bread and the next day ‘just’ (healthy of course) On the bread days we ensure that we eat just over 1000 kilos of calories. That is about 8 slices of bread. Furthermore, you must of course drink enough water. Coffee and tea are also allowed without sugar. Sweet is allowed.
1000 calories is a minimum otherwise we get an extreme crash diet. And that is not the right way to lose weight.

Lose weight with bread – Tip:

healthy slimming with bread: Do you find it too difficult to eat just bread? Then on your bread days you can also take two servings of fruit and some raw vegetables. Eg cucumber, lettuce, tomato slices as fillings. Or a cup of homemade light vegetable broth. Losing weight with the bread diet may be a little less fast, but it is better to keep going.

Bread diet: Calorie counter (calories in bread) .

Slimming: what kind of bread?

healthy slimming with bread: Which bread is best to lose weight? You can see clearly in the list below. That white bread has more calories than brown bread. Moreover, it contains almost no fibers. (That can be a cause of diarrhea. You lose weight for that, but healthy is different. 😉)

  • A Bolletje white (round bun): 1 piece: 148 k- calories: 4.5 protein: 26 carbohydrates: 2.5 fat
  • Scoop of brown: 1 piece: 120 k-calorie: 5 protein: 18 carbohydrates: 1.5 fat
  • A whole grain Bolletje: 1 piece: 110 k-calorie: 4.5 protein: 20 carbohydrates: 1.5 fat

Healthy slimming with bread calories schedule types of bread.

product: type of bread How much kilo – calorie protein carbohydrates Fat
bread (average) 100 gr. 240 8.7 45.8 2.5
bread (toasted, from a package) 1 piece 36 1.4 6.7 0.4
bread (currants) 1 cut 90 2.1 18.0 1.0
bread (whole grain) 100 gr. 208 5.7 40.0 2.8
bread (white) 100 gr. 226 6.5 50.0 0.0
bun (brown) 100 gr. 250 9.5 45.1 3.5
sandwich (average) 100 gr. 240 8.7 45.8 2.5
sandwich (luxury white) 100 gr. 294 9.3 53.1 5.0
sandwich (more grains) 100 gr. 212 8.4 40.5 1.8
bun (muesli) 100 gr. 273 8.1 52.3 3.5
bun (wheat) 100 gr. 250 9.5 45.1 3.5
whole grain bun 100 gr. 211 8.4 40.5 1.8
sandwich (white) 100 gr. 259 8.1 52.0 2.1
Brown bread 100 gr. 250 9.5 45.1 3.5

1 slice of brown bread = +/- 30 gram so if you want to know the calories of 1 slice of bread. See the number in the calories char and devide by 3. In developed countrys they use the metric system = grams. A pound is not real and it is a different weight depending on the country you live in. (also not real: feet, inch , gallon,…) 🙂

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