Which stocks are good in Corona times.

which stocks corona : Stock market crash on the way by corona? Which companies make a profit thanks to corona. Cash with corona. 33 corona stocks to watch.

Ook in het Nederlands: Welke aandelen zijn goed in Corona tijden?

which stocks corona: stock market crash. which shares to buy with corona. which companies benefit from corona.
What stocks benefit from Corona

Corona shares – which ones?

Money keeps rolling. Because of the corona or covid-19, there are many companies that suffer from this. Especially the smaller self-employed people who now suffer from the lockdown. ( Stop the lockdown – corona ) But also larger companies such as AB-Inbev.

But there are also companies that you as an investor should keep an eye on. If companies soon come up with their (interim) business results. Then that may be the starting signal for the real stock market crash, because at the beginning of this year was just a warning) ( stock market crash 2020 on the way )

But there are also companies that now just make more profit. Just think of companies that make plexiglass, mouth masks, hygiene products,…. But also streaming services such as Netflix and video conferencing. That’s the future (unfortunately)

Below is a list of companies that are active in those sectors that can make extra profit thanks to Corona. And if they are listed, you can also take advantage of this to generate an extra income.

!!! PAY ATTENTION !!! do your homework. And don’t just blindly buy a share !!!

Corona beneficial shares:

Activision Blizzard: publisher of computer games.
Alarm.com: surveillance services via the cloud.
Alibaba: largest online supermarket
Amazon : Shopping at home.
Atlassian: software problem solving (AI)
Blue Apron: meal packages
Boingo Wireless: mobile internet access
Campbell Soup: long-lasting food
Central Garden & Pet Co. : garden and pet products.
Citrix Systems: virtualization networks (cloud)
Clorox: online store (8,500 staff)
Diamond Eagle: operates as a blank check company
eBay: more trading, so more profit.
Facebook: More used now that everyone is at home.
GrubHub: online food distributor
JD.com: (ex Jingdong) Chinese e-commerce.
Match: communication service
Netflix: More time to watch movies.
New York Times: Keeping up to date with the (fake) news.
Nexstar Media: telecom company USA
Okta: cloud based ID service
Peloton: home fitness
Purple Innovation: American comfort technology
Shutterstock: stock photo, music,…
Sirius XM: satellite radio services
Slack: group communication via the cloud
Sonos: consumer eca.
Sturm Ruger & Co. : USA fire arms
Tencent Music: music streaming service
Yelp: rating platform for companies
Zillow: online d-Base systems
Zoom: video communication
Zynga: computer games

Looking for a specific stock:

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