earning money online. How to start?

Earning money with your online information – how to earn money creating a website?

earning money online

1.Making money with your blog.

Earning money online. How to generate money with your site or blog. : Last edit: 2019/11/21.

Starting your money generating website.

Blogging is hot these days. And so is earning money online. More and more people have their own blog or website on the internet. But why just give away your information without getting something in return? How to start earning money online, on the internet? A lot of large internet sites or search engines are making money with their internet site. So why would you not try to earn some money yourselves?

Ethical? Is it ethical to be a slave?

Of course some people will have an ethical problem with this. If you think that earning money or revenue with your blog is unethical or bad. Or not cool etc. Then God, don’t do it. But on the other hand, why would you not just try it. And if it does not succeed, then you don’t have to feel guilty that you did not try it.

Everybody is equal on Earth.

Everyone on this planet is equal. So, if others are making millions then why shouldn’t you? Don’t expect to make millions with your blog, although it is possible. It all depends on how big your passion about making money is. If you are not passionate about making money then you will not make any.
The fact is: you will not get rich by doing a normal day job. Working as a slave for your boss. If you start your own money generating website, you are your own boss. You are in control of what you do and don’t do.

my story

I started this site in January 2007. With the objective to earn only the amount of money that it was costing to operate this site. That was 3 USD per month for registering the name infonosity.be. And within 30 days I already succeeded to do this. O.K., this is not much, but I had to start somewhere. My second goal was to double this amount. And in March I hit this goal. On a per month basis, not the total amount)
So I had to set another goal. My third objective was to get 5 USD a week. Today is 2007-04-18, and I reached this goal also. (Yesterday I had a good day, making more than 4 USD in one day.)

more languages

My problem upon now was that I was writing only in Dutch and only on the subject of losing weight. I have written about one article a day. That is about 88 pages of information at present moment. 80 percent of this is in Dutch and about loosing weight. But I recently discovered that the amount of money I got from a click on an advertisement is not only dependable of the number of advertisers but more dependable on the subject of the advertisement. (The policy of Google adsense does not allow me to state the numbers)

Why do many people not succeed with earning money or getting more revenue online?

Many people have good ideas to generate more money. But much people pull out too rapidly. Even before they got started! Mostly because they are afraid or don’t believe in them selves. Starting a material company can cost a lot of money that you have to invest in buildings and supplies. But, if you start a revenue generating website the only thing you need is information. Your Internet site or blog is possible your company and your employee who is working for you.

The world is awake 24/7!!!

24/24 hours and 7/7 days it gives information to the world. And information is worth money. (Newspaper shops are full of books and illustrated magazines because information is making money.) Therefore also information which you put on your site is worth money.

You could write a book and find a publisher. But why do it the difficult way if you can create your own website or blog within minutes and often for FREE.

Now you’ll be thinking. If I put my information for free on the internet then how do I get money for this? The answer is advertisements. That is the same way as a lot of big professional websites and search engines are working.

don’t be timid

Now, once we have decided to put some advertisements on our website. Then don’t be timid about it, and putting some small advertisements in a corner on your site. Reserve the necessary space for it. If you only have a small website about a local subject (ex your sports club) then you can visit some shops in your neighborhood and ask them if they want to sponsor your site in return for advertising space. But where are you going to find sponsors for your website if it is about a more widely subject and public? The answer is Google adsense.

2.Google Adsense. Online money from adds.

Google Adsense is a possible solution to earn online money. This programme of the search engine Google reads your page and has the necessary A.I. to know what your page is about. And it then puts advertisements on your page that are about the same subject. The consequence is that much people will click more rapidly on that advertisement because it concerns the same subject as that to which they are in search off.
That is as a matter of facts also the way most of the search engines earn their money. With relevant publicity!

For more information (and/or subscribe) follow this link:

OKAY, now this works. But is it possible to obtain more money from my blog?
However, that depends especially on yourselves. The further more useful information you put on your blog, the more people will come to your blog or site. Nobody keeps you from writing only about 1 subject. Make therefore several Internet sites concerning several subjects. And after some time look at which subjects are better in generating money. Then stop putting your time in the bad subjects and more time in your good blogs.
Time is money!!! If you lose time, you lose money.

3.The problem with free blog services.

You can not always put everything what you want on a free blogsite. For this reason it is perhaps more useful to make your own real internet site. My provider Telenet foresees standard 50 MB free space to build your own Internet site. And by means of Google you’ll find the necessary free programmes to devise your site in HTML for free. And even MS Word documents can nowadays simply be stored in html format. (Although this last is to be dissuaded. Because MS-Word adds to the html code a heap useless code. That then generally is also reasonable unfriendly for non Microsoft users).

If you want to ensure that your Internet site looks a little bit more professionally, it is to be advised to get your own URL. This costs something more than the free name which you get from your provider. But then you do not have those http://USERS.Provider.yourname.com addresses in your site. In my case, it costs 3 euro per month for my own dot-be address. Many providers offer free web space (server space). For more information about this you should consult your own internet provider (website).

And last but not least : If you want to make your first million, you have to start putting your thoughts into ACTION!!! 🙂

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